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Our goal is to provide a well-considered and varied range of beers. We aim to have in stock and available to order all year round.over 40 award winners, from across the country. We also recognise that some customers might want specific beers that do not appear on the core list, so please note that we can supply ANY BEERS from our core breweries to order.

As with any wholesaler, stock availability can sometimes be an issue when demand for a specific ale outstrips supply. The best way to ensure you have exactly what you want is to contact us directly and pre-order. This way you can plan ahead and never need be disappointed.

Pricing - volume discounts

Quite simply, the more you buy from AVS, the more you save.
All prices on all of our beers are subject to the same sliding volume discount structure, calculated on the total number of firkins you buy as follows:

Order 1-3 Firkins, pay list price
Order 4-5 firkins, save £3 per firkin
Order 6-9 firkins, save £5 per firkin
Order 10+ firkins, save £7 per firkin - That´s £70+ on an order of 10 or more firkins!

Our Ciders

Celtic Marches - Herefordshire 

The family has been growing fruit and hops on their farm in Herefordshire for over 100 years. They are drawing on that heritage and the abilities acquired from a history in the cider and brewing industry.

Their team call on years of experience in the beverage industry to produce quality ciders blended using locally sourced products. Their experts distill the rich history of the area, its involvement in the Civil War and the fierce border battles between England and Wales

Celtic Marches Product information.

H.Weston & Sons LtdHerefordshire 

Deep in the heart of the Herefordshire countryside, Westons Cider Mill is situated in the old village of Much Marcle. It was in 1878 that Mr. Henry Weston came to farm at The Bounds, a farmhouse nestled amongst apple and perry pear orchards. 

In 1880, Henry joined the Herefordshire cider-making community and began a legacy of tradition and quality. Making cider and perry from his own fruit, collected from his own orchards

H.Weston & Son Product information 

Kentish Pip Cider   - Bekesbourne

Kentish Pip is a traditional cider with a full apple flavour and their efforts were fully rewarded when they picked up first prize and best in show at the Brogdale Cider Festival. Kentish Pip is made at Woolton Farm just outside Canterbury. They decided the only way to get a truly Kentish cider is to grow their own special cider and desert apple trees on their farm. The farm has been owned and managed by the Mount family since 1902 and is currently run by Mark and Rosie Mount.


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